Cultural Craft is a local initiative committed to providing signature craft products at our tourist sites that support the storyline and history experienced on the Bonavista Peninsula. We are very proud to be showcasing the works of the many amazing and talented local and provincial craft producers and artisans.

Crafts preserve and interpret our culture while at the same time enhancing the tourist's experience. Purchasing cultural crafts will be a special reminder of a memorable visit and it is a connection to the place we are proud to call home. By keeping skills alive and showing tourists how their crafts were and are a part of our lives, we add another dimension to the visitor's experience.

The Cultural Craft Group of Partners includes:
  • Sir William Ford Coaker Heritage Foundation - Factory Interpretation Centre. - Port Union
  • Home from the Sea Museum - John C. Crosbie Sealers Interpretation Centre - Elliston
  • Trinity Crafts - Bonaventure English Harbour Development Association - Trinity
  • Green Family Forge & Cooperage - Trinity Historical Society - Trinity
  • Random Passage Tea Room & Shop - New Bonaventure
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