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Anastasia Tiller - Visual Artist

Anastasia Tiller is a visual artist based in Lethbridge, Newfoundland. She creates her art in her studio located on the shores of Goose Bay on Boavista peninsula. She describes her creative process as follows. "I work with variety of mediums such as : oil, watercolor, acrylic, textile to translate the world around me into pictorial space. The process of searching for shapes and colors of objects intrigues me. I can say that through creating art I express my personal truth, my personal reality. I feel that in this century, borders dividing art styles and mediums are broken. More often, you could see integration of different art forms. We are in this exciting age of complete freedom of expression where everything is possible and this inspires me. I create in Canada, Ontario, Newfoundland and also in France. I have a special place in my heart for Newfoundland. In my opinion this province of Canada is exceptional; it is poetic and mystical and full of stories. The contrast of textures is very interesting; here you have rocks and waves and wood and fog, old boats and clotheslines.I can feel the influence of the environment and this is reflected in my work.
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