Meet The Craftspeople



Wade Ivany -
Wade was born and raised in Trinity, less than 200 metres from the Green Family Forge where he now practices his craft. Wade has worked at a variety of jobs before training as a Blacksmith with the Trinity Historical Society in 2001. Using traditional materials, tools and techniques, every piece Wade makes at the forge is unique. Wade and his wife Joan live in Trinity with their daughter Jane and son Samuel.  

Devin Hookey -
Blacksmith Apprentice
Devin Hookey was raised in Champney's West, less than a 15 minute drive from the Forge in Trinity where he now practices the craft. Employed as a tour guide in High School, he became very interested in the art of blacksmithing, and returned to work at the Forge in 2012 as the Blacksmith Apprentice, where he is learning his trade from Blacksmith Wade Ivany. Devin currently lives in Port Union with his wife Roxanne and his three daughters: Abbigail, Leah and Grace.  

Lester Cooper -
Lester Cooper was born and raised in Trinity East directly across the harbour from Trinity. He acquired his craft through years of working with the carpentry industry with a focus on the restoration of heritage buildings. For the past 20 years he has been making wooden crafts as a hobby which has been self taught. In 2004, he attended a training session in coopering at Ross Farms, Nova Scotia and since 2008 he has been practicing his trade at the Cooperage in Trinity. 

Joan Kane -
Joan has been a knitter for over sixty years and in 1997 decided to turn her passion for knitting into a home based business called Ewe Design.  In 2006, Joan won the Heather Stone Award for best new product at the Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Wholesale Trade Show for her contemporary knitwear line, The Triffy Collection.  Ewe Design products are all hand knit by Joan and ladies of the Trinity Bight area using traditional Newfoundland patterns and my own designs. My product line is mainly accessories of hats, mitts, scarves and socks and can be found in Trinity and in various locations across the province and Atlantic Canada.  To contact Joan visit 

Jon Andrews -
Artist & PrintMaker. 
John Andrews is a graphic designer, painter and printmaker in St. John's, Newfoundland. John quit his day-job in January 2013 to spend more time art-making and less time computing. Since then he's been busy making silk-screened t-shirts, copper-tooled home decor pieces, linocut prints and paintings, often with whimsical subjects. 

Shirley Hall -
Knitter / Quilter
Brown's Creation's owner, Shirley Hall is a proud mother of five with six grandchild and lives in Musgravetown, Bonavista Bay. She has been making traditional crafts for over 70 years, using quality materials and traditional skills. Shirley has been a member of the local Women's Institute for the past 40 years. 

Rosalind Ford -
Embossed jeweller / Screen Printer
As an Ornithologist and Elementary School Art Teacher, Rosalind Ford finds inspiration for her creative works. Embossed jewellery, and screen printed paper-doll stationary are her more popular craft items found in stores around the province. The Embossed Jewellery is made using a Rolling Mill. A rolling mill works like an old ringer-washer machine, except it is small and has steel rollers. The feathers or leaves are laid on top of the metal, and the pressure between the two steel rollers pushes the organic into the copper or silver. Each feather/leaf lasts for one print only, meaning that each piece of jewellery is printed with a new organic.  

Paula Flood -
Rug Hooker
Paula Flood's traditional, original design hooked rugs provide colour, warmth and texture . A Newfoundlander whose roots date back to Woody Island in 1773,Paula's love of the province and its history influences her work. Her hooked rugs are created on bleached linen using 100% wool yarn and recycled materials to bring her designs to life. Paula hand crafts textile wall-hangings , ornaments and household decor constructed with traditional and contemporary rug hooking techniques . Original designs created with wool yarn and recycled clothing. Commissions welcomed!

Anna Murphy -
Textile designer
Anna was born and raised in St. John`s, Newfoundland. She is a recent graduate of the Textiles: Craft & Apparel Design Program at the College of the North Atlantic. Her inspiration comes from her day to day adventures with her family and friends around our province. Printing, dyeing, felting, and embroidery allow Anna to express her quirky style in her textile designs. She is also a new addition to the group of artisans at the Quidi Vidi Village Plantation.

Cheryl Shirran -
Textile designer
Cheryl Shirran of Red Cove Designs is a textile artist who lives in Bonavista, NL and works in a variety of mediums. Her inspirations reflect the vibrant colors of the sea and land found in most outports of Newfoundland. Her hooked mats come from her desire to show others how life was lived amid the sky and the sea in an inlet or cove when the inshore fishery was the mainstay of each community. Families lived simply and survived by helping each other through the good times and bad. There was a simplicity of life and a community closeness that somehow has gotten lost in today's high-tech world.  

Terri Roberts -
Block Printer
Terri Roberts of The Sculley Maid produces tea towels using eco-friendly printing materials and methods and non-toxic inks. I love modern design, traditional patterns and handmade items. In the traditionally British manner, I also love tea towels. And I pick one up everywhere I travel. Not only are they an affordable (and useful) souvenir, they are lightweight and easily packable. An advertising professional by trade, I've always dabbled in the arts. Block printing is a passion I discovered a few years ago after taking a class at the Anna Templeton Centre. I print each tea towel, card, and print in my basement studio at home in St. John's. I'm constantly searching for inspiring patterns, shapes and natural forms, as well as traditional Newfoundland people, places, sayings, and things.  

Diane Hodder -
Rug Hooker, Quilter, Knitter
Originally from St. John's, NL, Diane became 'hooked' as one might say over 15 years ago. She attended rug schools in Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island (PEI). In addition, she has taken rug hooking courses not only in Atlantic Canada but also Australia and has taken rug hooking cruises to Spain and Italy. Diane is a member of the Nova Scotia Rug Hooking Guild, the Rug Hooking Guild of Newfoundland and Labrador and The International Guild of Handhooking Rugmakers (TIGHR). While living in PEI, she was a juried member of the PEI Craft Council and is currently involved in the Cultural Craft Group of Partners which identifies and produces crafts that reflect the history and culture of the Bonavista Peninsula.  

Jan Peterknecht  -
artist and a craftsman
As both an artist and a craftsman, Master Goldsmith Jan Peterknecht blends creative design with solid workmanship and his collections draws upon Newfoundland and Labrador's landscape and culture. He often finds inspiration on long hikes and through his attentive photography. A native of Burg, Northern Germany, Jan arrived in Newfoundland and Labrador in 2007. Before moving to the island and establishing Jan Peterknecht Designs, he had spent 20 years creating fine handcrafted jewellery for a wide-ranging clientele. During this time, he mastered the full range of production techniques, including metal beating, processing, casting, laser welding, chasing, mounting and gemstone setting. Jan combines artistry, design skills and technical knowledge to create evocative jewellery that is as enduring as it is original.

Charlene Sudbrink  -
Charlene Sudbrink graduated in the top three of the College of the North Atlantic's pottery in 1992 under the instruction of Master Potter, Sydney Butt.
The training was one of a kind for NL, pottery production. High production skills/glaze chemistry/ creating and testing various clay bodies/ building, firing and maintaining electric manual kiln. Various forms/designing/ handbuilding/wheel throwing/coiling/pinch......
Charlene worked with Potter's Mill in Carbonear with a master potter and the two other top graduates, for over a year. Charlene produced high volumns and established her fine art finishing skills through on the job trainning and implementation. Many trials and errors.
With her partner, Potter, Pauline Bartlett, Fairy Tale Pottery was established at Spaniard's Bay in June of 1995.
Aftermoving back to Freshwater, ConceptionBay, Charlene continued under Charlene's Pottery, now known as PLANK LANE POTTERY. In addition, Charlene not only conducts her own pottery classes, but she has supervised various aspects in establishing "Moulder of Dreams", a pottery enterprise located at Port Hope Simpson, Labrador.  


Audrey Feltham  -
Audrey Feltham (a.t.a. as Atelier West Studios) is a professional fine art printmaker. She produces both a line of fine art prints using traditional printmaking methods such as etching, drypoint, serigraphy, collograph, relief and lithographic prints as well as a full range of functional textile products using hand screened images. The textile line is fully functional and includes tea towels, potholders, aprons, as well as hand printed textile used in her bespoke purses. Feltham graduated in the first class of B.F.A. students from Sir Wilfred Grenfell College in 1992 and has been operating Atelier West Studios in Deer Lake for 25 years.  


Juanita Short  -
Juanita is a self-taught potter, born and raised in Central NL but has a family connection to Trinity. She has traced her "Short" roots back to Old & New Bonaventure to at least the mid-1800's. Her Grandfather Short was born in British Harbour.
After completing her Bachelor of Environmental Design Degree (Architecture) in 1986; she took her first pottery course in Dartmouth NS. Many years later in 2011; after working, getting married and raising a daughter, she took another beginner pottery course with the Fort McMurray Pottery Guild. From there, she immersed herself in ceramics at the Guilds' studio and "got lost in clay". In 2013, she moved back home to Glovertown & built her own studio. There, she continues to explore and incorporate her "less is more" design philosophy making functional and decorative stoneware pottery.
"Working with clay transports me to a serene meditative place. A harmonious merging of art, science & technology; ceramics allows me to incorporate my prior architectural design career. I create wheel thrown and hand built functional and decorative stoneware pottery for everyday use & enjoyment.

If you are a cultural artisan/ craft producer and we carry your product in our shops, or artisan / craft producer partner with this initiaitive, contact us to have your profile uploaded here.