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Random Passage Tea Room

Constructed in 2000 for the filming of the international TV mini-series “Random Passage” the site today provides the opportunity to step back in time to learn about the obstacles and opportunities our forebears faced during early settlement. Enjoy a compelling, immersive and experiential journey into the past to learn more about the process of catching and making fish, early education and our affiliation with the sea through a guided tour of the sod houses, church, schoolroom, fish flakes and fishing stage. Leave with a new found appreciation of our ancestors’ qualities of creativity, determination and endurance that they drew on to survive and prosper in a place like this. Random Passage has a gift shop & tea room located in a restored school house. The site includes houses, church, school, fishing stages and fishing flakes, vegetable garden and sheep grazing. Take a journey back in time and experience what life might have been like in a fishing outpost in the early 1800's. Click here for more information... www.randompassagesite.com

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