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Sealers Interpretation Centre

The Home from the Sea Museum was initiated by the Elliston Heritage Foundation in 2008 “with the initial goal of creating a lasting memorial to those who lost their lives.” The small community of Elliston is a fitting site for the memorial as it suffered a significant loss when eight of its twelve sealers were lost in the 1914 SS Newfoundland and SS Southern Cross disasters. Many regions of the province have been and continue to be deeply involved in sealing, and the Bonavista Peninsula is no exception. Locating the memorial in Elliston is a complement to the many existing cultural and heritage destinations in the region and contributes to the ongoing revitalization of our rural communities. As an interpretive home, the Museum / Interpretation Centre stands for all of our communities in which men and women have toiled to make a living from the sea. Click here for more information... www.homefromthesea.ca

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