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Winnie Glavine – Knitter / Felter

Winnie learned to rug hook in 2003 from a friend Lillian Dwyer, she knew ‘her ship had come in’ when Lillian introduced her to the Rug School which she attended that August. Since then she has taught 600 or more people this tradition, including 84 students and their teachers on Bell Island through the Arts Smarts Program. She now offers beginner classes during the fall and winter from her home in Paradise. In 2012, she studied for and received her RHGNL Teaching Certification and has taught at Rug School herself. Rug Hooking is her passion and she is comfortable enough and love it enough to impart to others the value of keeping this craft alive. Topped with that she has the enough skill and passion to show others how to create a mat by pulling simple loops through a backing fabric in a manner that leaves behind a beautiful reflection of our past, present and future.
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